Cool workaround to make up for the lack of side chaining. This is a typical dyn-EQ route in the studio, just dropping out a space in in the music for the vocal, only when it has signal.

For many, no doubt, an obvious workflow. But for me it was new, and it got me enthousiastic.

Simple scenario with a singer , also playing piano. The goal is, when she sings; let the SQ lower the mids of the piano, just a bit.

Workflow :

-put a ducker on the piano, trigger it with her voice, and lead the result in a group. I did not assign this piano to LR

-insert the DynEQ plug-in in this group, so that it enhances the low and high, when the piano is soft (thus when she sings). But leaves the piano as it is, when she’s not singing.

-in my case I doubled the original piano on the surface, giving control over the untouched and the often softer one with the bass and treble boosted. (More or less the same as saying the original piano, with mids cut)

-make a nice mix from the voice, the Dynamic EQ piano, and the original piano

-As a safe guard the Multiband Compressor was inserted on the main out

I think the result was nice and musical, worth the ‘hassel’, and I hope worth mentioning here