Just sharing a bit strange workflow I guess:

On a SQ-5 I like to mix in Groups for e.g. Backing vocals or Horns or…. And more often then not I like to use the ADT on each seperate member of a group.

When someone plays or sings a solo I sometimes use my TR-8 drum machine to quickly acces FXlayer4 of this individual channel to adjust the ADT send level for this specific channel.

Ofcourse this can be done on the SQ-5 by choosing the layer where the individual channel can be found, and then chosing the FX4 mix, adjusting it, and returning to LR on the layer where the Group fader is, but….

It was great fun programming the Bome Box in such a way that the faders of my TR-8 drum machine gave me direct acces to the individual send levels, without leaving LR and the layer where the Group fader is on.

Thought I would share the fun, and maybe inspire other uses of MIDI on the SQ via a Bome Box.