These very friendly and inspiring words we received as a comment on a YouTube movie (Arthur Lijten performing with Renee Aben, here at Percussieschool Bracumba)


Many thankZ for the new link! She has progressed very much! You sir are one of the best Rhythmatic people I have had the privilege to see and hear! You are doing FuNTaBuLoUs work! It is great to find music like this and this good in places far from it’Z origin.

I found a “Young Lady” from Norway in 2016 named Aurora that stole my heart and imagination with her original work. I like her acoustic versions much better than the studio processed music and her live performance gave me chills just like this video does ! Well Done!

ThankZ again for posting this link from my other comment! A friend suggested I check out videos of the Clave to help with some music I was trying to play on guitar to help understand the rhythm of things I was exploring. That is when I found the first video. That is what is so special about music…..there is always something new to learn and explore